Cloudy Hemp Oil

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Hemp Oil is the pure oil extracted from the hemp seed. It is extracted via a cold pressing procedure which limits any denaturing during manufacture. Rich in vitamins, minerals and is a fantastic source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils it is probably best known for it's antioxidant properties in the health food industry. Quite handily though it's also something that carp just love the taste of! Although it is often described as a carp attractor, it is debatable whether any oils can 'attract' carp in that sense. After all, only substances that are soluble in water are detectable by the carp. That said, utilized within anything the carp may actually ingest the taste can really turn the carp on. With a lovely nutty aroma and taste it easy to see why. We recommend inclusion rates of anything up to 20ml per kilo in baits. For use within stick mixes or on pellets or floaters this will be dependent on how much the particular product can take on so can never really be overdone.

A quick tip is to give your Mixers a coat of this very thin oil. Not only will they flatten the surface area you are fishing but carp just love that nutty taste making your floaters stand out from the rest on a busy water.



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