Beta Stim

Beta Stim

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BETA Stim Betaine Liquid is totally natural liquid that is produced from Sugar Beet. It has been one of the most successful bait additives over last few years. It is a sweet, soluble and highly attractive liquid that stimulates feeding.  There’s no limit to inclusion levels of this Betaine in bait preparation and being totally water soluble fish just love the stuff.

What is Betaine?

Structurally, Betaine is the amino acid glycine with three methyl groups attached to it, hence its formal name: tri(three)-methyl (as in methylation) – glycine (amino acid). First discovered in beetroot, the name betaine stuck and is used interchangeably with its chemical name trimethylglycine


Top Tip – Beta Stim – Another totally natural Betaine liquid that is highly soluble so there is no limit to how much you include, try getting a bag of your favourite pellets and pouring a little into the bag and giving a good shake, leave for an hour and use in your spod mixes and pva bags to draw them fish onto your hookbait.


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