Monster Nutty

Monster Nutty

Monster Particles


Monster Nutty is our specialist particle mix, the best of the best! There are 6 different nuts and seeds jam packed in to this mix. This has been a huge hit for big carp.

Hemp, Maize, Red Dari, Whole Tigernuts, Crushed Peanuts and Sweetcorn.

All orders will be freshly prepared in house, this mix has a mixture of 6 different high quality particles that are a great effective fish attractor. The mix contains starch, oils, vitamins, proteins and plenty of sugars. Perfect for any type of fish or water.

We add Himalayan rock salt to all our particle mixes not your cheap rock salt all other particle company's are using. We believe Himalayan Rock Salt gives you the edge when you need it. Why?
Carp absolutely love this salt because of the high amounts of minerals within the natural pink salt. Carp often have problems to get enough of the minerals there is in this, so the salt works like a magnet to them. Himalayan rock salt is also known as pink rock salt.

You now can have the option to have your particle in a bucket, If you order 5kg it will come in 10L bucket, 10kg comes in 17L bucket.

MUST BE KEPT FROZEN if not using within 24hrs.


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