Shelf Life Particle Bundle 2

Shelf Life Particle Bundle 2

Monster Particles


Our ‘Shelf-Life Particle’ are the perfect solution if you’re limited on freezer space and want to still have a high-quality particle available in your angling. Our particle is shelf-life while being 100% chemical, preservative and odour free! Because of this, we believe that our particles have a natural edge and are more attractive to all fish species compared to other shelf-life particles on the shelves.


20kg Shelf Life Particle 

Pick From The Following

Monster Mix - Hemp, Maize, Maples, Red Dari, Whole Tigernuts, Black Rapeseed, Crushed Peanuts, White peas, Groats.

Monster Tier One (No Nuts) - Maize, Red Dari, Wheat Black Rapeseed, Yellow peas. 

1 Litre Liquid 

Liquid Krill/Hydro Wheat/Squid Hydro/Molasses/ 

5kg Monster Pellet

5kg Extra Particle

Only £50

** Shelf Life Particle Will Last 4 weeks **

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