Lee and Will's Adventure (Fisherwick)

Lee and Will's Adventure (Fisherwick)

After nearly 2 weeks of up and down weather me and will manage to get on the bank Wednesday. It was definitely the best day for it pressure was low temperature was up and after hearing a few fish were banked on the weekend we were hopeful.

We arrived at fisherwick lakes mid afternoon wasn't that surprised when there were only a few pegs free. We grabbed 2 pegs near the hut will tucked up in a nice bay sun had been shining in all day, I had just open water but a nice gravel bar in front and I could see carp rolling.

I got the marker out managed to find a spot about 30yards out I flicked out 2 rods close one with a fin force banoffee and maize other was a banoffee wafter both using a simple but effective KD rig with a size 6 Gardner dark mugga hooks.

I had bought monster ghost with me spombed 5 over my spots. I love the ghost mix best it gives off a nice haze as it enters the water and smells the mutts.I flicked a 4ft zig 20 yards to showing fish. Will using the same rigs he dropped one in the middle of the bay using a natures bait berry bite wafter, one tucked up in the tree line tight to some snags with a natures bait alpha pop up and one on a gravel patch 25yrds out with an alpha 18mm bottom bait all with a few spombs of monster ghost over light started to fade I had a drop back and missed it I was gutted as that seemed to be it !.

Finally packed up around 9 no fish this time but the fish are definitely on the move and am sure it's only a matter of time before we bag a few monsters.

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