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Tony's lake in France is where I headed in early April this fine year. 422 miles from Calais it's a fair ole journey tbh but there we go. I met up with mates who run other fisheries in France and we walked the lake. At about 10 acres with three on we were happy and it was V in shape the tip of the V being the shallows and the tip of the two joined as a dam wall. I opted to fish the shallows or peg 3 the other 2 in pegs 1 and 2. Rods out My home set up and BEEEEEEP I was in. A lovely 22lb 8oz mirror was in the net -no French blank for me. The night was quiet apart from the owls and grunting wild boar. Luv it. Day2 and 3 were quiet for me but I was enjoying the sunshine and wine. Into day 3 - BOOM 30lb 8ozmirror quickly followed by a 22lb 10oz mirror and a smashing 37lb 14oz mirror. They'd moved up my with the fresh wind and the sunshine it was all falling into plan nicely. The bed of mixed monster particles and boilies that I topped up ever 3 to 4 hours had certainly worked. Part 1
Watching the boxing hates in the fields yonder and the deer feeding makes these trips all worth while. Not forgetting the marsh harrier, buzzards, and red kites to name a few of the birds I saw I was in heaven. We booked the food package as well which was excellent. The monster particles were kept fresh in the various fridges and freezers Tony let us use and the showers kept us refreshed- it was far from hot but very nice. One morning we even had a good frost but by 11 am it was t-shirt and shorts weather. Entering the final day and BOOM 3 commons graced my net. All from the baited spot or just off it fished with the method feeder again I mix monster particles in with the ground bait and pellets as it worked wonders for me over the years. The 3 commons went 22lb - a one-eyed fish, 24lb 10oz, and 28lb 10oz buzzing. Still, time for a lump also as we entered the final night. Alas 6am turned up and time to pack up. One hook pull in the night awoke me at silly o'clock but I was fazed as I was well happy with my captures. Tony runs a lovely fishery. 10 ish acres. 7 pegs. 6 anglers max and around £200 each with food package extra. Till next time chow Stax.
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