Adrian Chowns 2nd Blog

Adrian Chowns 2nd Blog

This weekend was the perfect example of how important it is to find the fish at this time of year.

My session was spent on the Smith's side of Hardwick and Smith's on Linear. I'd heard that a few fish had been coming out on Smith's so decided to head over and give it a try. I set up in one of the swims opposite the cut through. I found some nice clear spots at 40 and 60yds and decided to use a particle approach over the longer area so I put in around 10 spods of Monster Tier 1. I use this mix this time of year because it has a lot of smaller particles which not only helps to draw uish onto the spot but gets them grubbing. To cut a long story short I spent the next blanking.

On the last morning a swim had come free about half way down which had produced a few fish so I quickly picked up my rods and moved.

I stood and watched the water for about 15 minutes and a fish topped out slightly to the left about 3/4 of the way over. I gently cast a rig in the area where the fish had shown. The drop wasn't that positive so I reeled in and tried a little further. This time the lead went down with solid drop so I was confident I was either on gravel or a silty bottom. I cast my other two rods on the same line and those both went down with a 'donk'. I spodded out a few spods of the Monster Tier 1... Traps were set !

After about an hour the middle alarm beeped a couple of times and the bobbin dropped indicating a drop back bite. I lifted into the fish and after a short but valiant fight I slipped the net under a gorgeous high double fully scaled mirror.. get in !

I quickly replaced the banoffee and essential cell snowman and recast to the same area. I topped up with another 4 spods of Tier 1. It didn't take long for the middle rod to register again and I lifted into and landed a nice mid double scaley Mirror. I recast the rod and topped the area up again with a few spods of the Monster Tier 1.

After another couple of hours the left hand rod screamed off this time and I landed a small stocky Mirror.

That was the last fish of my session but it brought it home to me that the most important thing you can do when fishing is finding the fish and give them a quality bait like Monster particles because no matter how good the spots are that you're fishing over if they ain't there then you can't catch them.

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